Things You Need to Know

The Regent's Wing falls under the category of Metaphysical Goods. Everything purchased here is for entertainment purposes. We take no responsibility for what may or may not happen when you buy from us.


You must be at least 18 years of age to shop with us.  I vet my spirits for at least three months and will never list a spirit that I do not trust 100%.  There are certain dangers that come with spirit work, the Regent's Wing is not responsible for any spirits that are drawn to you due to your work with our companions.  You will not always receive a physical object in the mail as not all spirits have vessels.  If doing a long distance binding or core binding, I will let you know when I have done it.

We have the right to refuse service to anyone.  

Our products and services are not a replacement for medical or mental health care.

Free gifts may be given at the time of your purchasing of a vessel.  This may include incense, if you have any medical conditions that would make this a problem please let us know upon checking out. 

We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages in shipping.  If your vessel arrives damaged, please let us know. 

We have every right to cancel or refund a prebound listing if the spirit believes you are not a good fit.


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