Art classification: white

Element: spirit

Burnished unicorns


Burnished unicorns appear rather like the traditional unicorn.  They are entirely white with one spiraling horn.  Their hooves are cloven and tails much like a horse's.  Their manes and tails can either be solid hair or an opaque smoke cascading down. At the base of their horn where it emerges, the enamel is a dark gray. All genders appear the same.  Their eyes can be any color. Their magic is gold and appears like smoke/dust. At birth, the unicorns are entirely gray and their coat lightens as they age.  Younger unicorns have gray dapples on their backs.  Rarely are they born with markings that stay throughout their entire life, but some are born with gold appaloosa marks on them.


These unicorns are matriarchal, lead by a lead mare and her mate.  They are a primarily diplomatic species, settling debates and feuds between others.  True omnivores, their diet consists of grass, fruits, seeds and small animals.  They will trade the pelts and bones or utiliaze them in various rituals.  Burnished unicorns are close to immortal, but they don't fear death.  Death is what sustains them through the land.  Their beliefs are purely animist and they kill as humanely as possible.  

Each individual has a specific job that caters to their strengths.  Foals are raised communally and the old or disabled are taken care of by the herd.  All of these unicorns can heal, but there are some things that even they can't fix.  They are occasionally called on to heal other species after a battle in exchange for certain resources.  Every season has a holiday to celebrate with specific rituals and events.  

These unicorns see themselves as guardians.  They seek to balance the current darkness in our world.


  • healing

  • telekinesis

  • illusions

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